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In the name of Allah the Merciful

At the outset of a new year, AMAD Group seeks to be a strategic supporter for its business leading partners in the Arab World. AMAD Group provides its partner with the core of its experience that exceeds 25 years the Managerial technical engineering, industrial and informational fields. We hope that our strategic support can help our partners lead markets all around the world.

Thus, AMAD provides services through its six entities:


Taking offers you training sector group AMAD in this simplified guide series of training programs provided by our experts in various administrative and specialized technical fields through technical AMAD office for training in Saudi Arabia and the Office of AMAD for training and technical consultation Arab Republic of Egypt, and which offer training services in various home countries Arab, with attention to tourism training in the finest tourist attractions in the world.

I ask God Almighty to crown our efforts with success and achieve their hopes and aspirations of our partners.

Engineer / Saud bin Abdul Rahman Al-Jibreen

Chairman of AMAD Group