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AMAD Tech is a Saudi leading company providing training and educational programs in very challenging fields. It operates under the umbrella of AMAD Group, founded in 2007, Riyadh, KSA.

AMAD Training Sector was basically founded for the purpose of supporting our technical services. It was started by specializing in a narrow niche of our client-related services including; quality, health safety, information security, and much more. However, we are still offering these courses along with a wide range of courses that are fully-related to the Gulf market ever-changing needs.


“To be the pioneers in the field of training in KSA and the Arab world, and the strategic partner of entrepreneurs “Support the Leaders”, depending on our competencies, expertise, and successful training experiences during the last decades”


“Focusing on the needs of the companies, organizations, and different entities in various fields. Developing the team works to get the highest return of outstanding productivity, based on the knowledge of the tasks rules assigned to them, risks and obstacles they face during the implementation, and the unique final image of the product regardless of its type.”


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Our Specializations:



Quality field is a very challenging, complex, and full of details. From the first day, Accreditation Centers and Calibration associations in Gulf region were leaning on AMAD Tech for improving the qualifications of their quality employees and managers, and to get them introduced to the new editions of the International Standards. Additionally, to get certified by the International Accreditation Associations such as IRCA, ILAC, and others.

We have developed and delivered hundreds of training programs in the Quality fields including; Laboratories Quality Management, Food Safety Quality Auditing, Educational Sector, and Energy Management System.

Food safety:

Supportive to the Food Safety Industry; AMAD Tech provides training programs for qualifying the food safety teams by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of food safety management systems and the auditor's role in planning, conducting, reporting and following up on food safety management system (FSMS) audits. And consults on tools and techniques needed to operate and audit an FSMS effectively.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH):

For any company to be part of supply chains; it is essential to ensure that health, occupational safety, and environment management stick to the global best practices and comply with the international standards. Supportive to that, AMAD Tech provides training courses on how to apply occupational safety and health, OHSAS 18001, HAZOP, HazMat, NEBOSH, first aids and risk assessments.

Information Security Management System:

Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a vital system enhancing the business improvement process. AMAD Tech has a hand in implementing and improving the ISMS teams by providing the (ISMS) auditors with ISO 27001 standards and requirements.

Environmental Management courses:

The global interest in the environment is growing and has become a top priority for all governmental entities. Thus; the term “Environmental Management System (EMS)” has been defined to manage the organization's environmental programs in a planned manner, and maintain a policy for environmental protection.

Supportive to this global objective; AMAD Tech provides organizations with a systematic approach to environmental improvement. By learning how to implement the international EMS standard ISO 14000 as the framework for environmental improvement and compliance.

Technical courses:

Do you strive for perfection? We will guide your journey by providing your team with training programs reinforcing the needed skills and the ever-changing market requirements. Our technical courses are varied from Six Sigma, Lean Manufacture to social media and marketing courses.